Fujitsu announce new range of Cortex-M3 micros

2011-03-23 09:11:04 NZDT :: IC

Fujitsu used the Embedded World 2011 conference to present its complete range of new FM3 microcontrollers. The range include the MB9Bxxx series of high-performance CPUs, and the basic MB9A100 line.

Fujitsu have release these under their new umbrella term 'Right-Sized Solutions', and include a range of features including:

  • fast (1.0us conversion) 12-bit 16 channel A/D converters
  • USB 2.0 host controllers
  • Wide voltage range (2.7V - 5.5v), making it more tolerant in noisy environments, and easier to integrate into industrial equipment
  • Up to 1MB of integrated NOR flash

For more details see:

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