TI's Stellaris EVALBOT opens up robotics

2011-04-06 09:13:27 NZST :: Development Kit

TI have released a new mini-robot platform based on the Stellaris Cortex-M3 LM3S9B92.

This platform is aimed directly at experimentation and development, providing both a range of built-in off-the-shelf functionality, as well as expansion slots for customised designs.

This platform provides an 80MHz MCU, with 256k of flash, and 96k of SRAM.

It also include:

  • 10/100Mb Ethernet
  • CAN
  • Wireless control via extension modules
  • Two DC gear-motors
  • Opto-sensors & sensors 'bump' detection
  • 96x6 OLED display and on-board speaker
  • Built in JTAG debugging

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