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16th March 2011

Intel moves towards sub 10W Atom servers

2011-03-16 12:18:34 NZDT :: IC

Intel is anticipating a move towards low-power microservers, and has announced a roadmap for its 2012 Atom range of CPUs that includes some sub 10W models. This is widely seen as a response to announcements from companies such as Calxeda, and a move by large internet groups such as Google and Facebook towards massively parallel low power solutions, more frequently ARM based.

For further details, see:



STMicroelectronics announces $20,000 prize for handicapped assistance initiative

2011-03-16 09:05:19 NZDT :: General

STMicroelectronics have announced a an 'OpenWorld Design Contest', in association with the Autonomie project. The focus of this is to encourage development of innovative and useful electronic applications designed to assist people with disabilities.


15th March 2011

TI Japan plant suffers significant damage during recent quake

2011-03-15 12:56:17 NZDT :: General

During the recent 8.9 magnatude quake, the TI manufacturing site in Miho was significantly damaged. Production is expected to return in gradual stages, reaching full productivity in mid-July.


11th March 2011

TI expands DaVinci range of multimedia CPUs

2011-03-11 18:33:33 NZDT :: Processor

TI has added to its very popular DaVinci range of multimedia CPU/DSP cores. The new additions are TMS320DM8168 and the software compatible TMS320DM8148.


Fujitsu signs comprehensive ARM license agreement

2011-03-11 13:56:05 NZDT :: ARM Announcements

Fujitsu Semiconductor has signed an ARM license agreement that will give them access to all of the latest ARM technlogoy, including the Cortex-A15 processor and CoreLink IP.


9th March 2011

NXP introduce 'green' power supplies

2011-03-09 07:24:07 NZDT :: IC

NXP Semiconductors have announced a new power supply IC, the 'GreenChip'. These new switch mode chips support exceptionally low standby power draws, as low as 10mW. The two chips announced today are the TEA1753, suitable for AC mains input, and the TEA1703, suitable for a wide range of DC inputs.

For further details, see:



8th March 2011

Nokia sells licensing/services division of Qt to Digia

2011-03-08 12:15:38 NZDT :: General

Nokia has soled the rights to the commercial licensing and services arm of Qt. The move is designed to affirm two slightly contradictory stances - provide reassurance to developers, unsure of Nokia focus on Qt, as well as reaffirm Nokias commitment to ongoing Qt development.


ARM at SXSW-Interactive 2011

2011-03-08 08:53:42 NZDT :: Trade Show

ARM will be demonstrating various technologies at the SXSW-Interactive tradeshow, in Austin Texas. They have two events planned:

For further announcement details, visit http://blogs.arm.com/smart-mobile-devices/426-arm-at-sxsw-interactive-2011-don%E2%80%99t-miss-our-panel-and-party/

Fujitsu release new audio CPU

2011-03-08 08:38:45 NZDT :: Processor

Fujitsu announce new audio player CPU, MB9G711. This CPU integrates MP3, WMA, OGG and AAC audio formats.


4th March 2011

Cortex-R realtime/performance ARM webinar

2011-03-04 10:11:59 NZDT :: ARM Announcements

ARM will be presenting a new Webinar on 'Delivering real-time, high-performance embedded systems with the ARM Cortex-R processors' on Wednesday March 9th 2011, 5pm GMT (12pm EST/9am PST).

For further details, see http://seminar2.techonline.com/registration/wcIndex.cgi?sessionID=arm_mar0911

Atmel unveils new cryptographic chip

2011-03-04 08:52:46 NZDT :: IC

At Embedded World 2011 Atmel have unveiled a new ultra-low power CryptoAuthentication device, ATSHA204.


3rd March 2011

Nvidia Tegra at GDC

2011-03-03 12:24:26 NZDT :: Trade Show

The NVIDIA booth at the 2011 GDC will include a demonstration of the new NVIDIA Tegra "Project Kal El".


Nokia offering 50% bonus to avoid loosing developers

2011-03-03 12:19:10 NZDT :: General

Nokia, who recently announced an alliance with Microsoft on the Windows 7 mobile platform, have announced a 50% bonus to existing MeeGo developers to avoid loosing them


Gumstix add camera module

2011-03-03 12:12:49 NZDT :: Development Kit

Gumstix has announced two camera expansion baords for their Overo Computer-on-Module series.


STMicroelectronics extends STM32L family

2011-03-03 07:12:37 NZDT :: Processor

At EmbeddedWorld 2011 STMicroelectronics announced an extension to the STM32L family of devices, increasing the maximum available flash memory to 384Kbytes.


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