17th June 2011

Sony Ericsson goes with NXP near field communication (NFC)

2011-06-17 08:52:00 NZST :: General

NXP announced that it's NFC technology has been selected by Sony Ericsson's  Android platform group. This will allow new Sony Ericsson mobile handsets to use the NFC system to make purchases conveniently with just the swipe of their phone.


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26th April 2011

Google's V8 Javascript Engine given 5x speed improvement on ARM

2011-04-26 08:51:43 NZST :: General

Over the last year ARM have been contributing speed improvements to the Google V8 Javascript engine - used in the Chrome browser, Android smart phones, and the new HP WebOS. These improvements have seen a huge increase in performance - up to 5x on some benchmarks.

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The full V8 source code is available from:


23rd March 2011

Memory ordering introduction

2011-03-23 09:20:28 NZDT :: General

Leif Lindholm has posted an excellent summary on memory access ordering, an issue which can be of vital importance in debugging and optimisation of lowlevel code.


17th March 2011

QNAP release new Marvell Sheeva based NAS

2011-03-17 12:40:17 NZDT :: General

QNAP have released the TS-412U, a new 1U rack mount NAS, featuring the Marvell 6281 1.2GHz ARMv5TE compliant CPU. These devices include 256MB of DDR II memory, along with 16MB of internal flash, and use an embedded Linux based operating system.

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16th March 2011

STMicroelectronics announces $20,000 prize for handicapped assistance initiative

2011-03-16 09:05:19 NZDT :: General

STMicroelectronics have announced a an 'OpenWorld Design Contest', in association with the Autonomie project. The focus of this is to encourage development of innovative and useful electronic applications designed to assist people with disabilities.


15th March 2011

TI Japan plant suffers significant damage during recent quake

2011-03-15 12:56:17 NZDT :: General

During the recent 8.9 magnatude quake, the TI manufacturing site in Miho was significantly damaged. Production is expected to return in gradual stages, reaching full productivity in mid-July.


8th March 2011

Nokia sells licensing/services division of Qt to Digia

2011-03-08 12:15:38 NZDT :: General

Nokia has soled the rights to the commercial licensing and services arm of Qt. The move is designed to affirm two slightly contradictory stances - provide reassurance to developers, unsure of Nokia focus on Qt, as well as reaffirm Nokias commitment to ongoing Qt development.


3rd March 2011

Nokia offering 50% bonus to avoid loosing developers

2011-03-03 12:19:10 NZDT :: General

Nokia, who recently announced an alliance with Microsoft on the Windows 7 mobile platform, have announced a 50% bonus to existing MeeGo developers to avoid loosing them


2nd March 2011


2011-03-02 13:48:30 NZDT :: General

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