12th April 2011

NXP extends USB portfolio to LPC11U00 Cortex-M0

2011-04-12 15:50:43 NZST :: Processor

NXP Semiconductors have announced the new LPC11U00 series. This Cortex-M0 includes a full speed USB 2.0 device controller with up to 10 configurable end points.


11th April 2011

Cypress introduce USB 3.0 ARM9

2011-04-11 19:49:51 NZST :: Processor

Cypress Semiconductor Corp. today introduced its first USB 3.0 controller, the EZ-USB® FX3 targeted at video and imaging, printing, scanning, and a variety of applications that need higher throughput than USB 2.0.


9th April 2011

Toshiba announce 6-core A9

2011-04-09 10:43:40 NZST :: Processor

Toshibas new Cevo engine processor includes 6 Cortex-A9 cores, along with four hardware graphics accelerators, and on-die DRAM.

Running at full throttle, Cevo is capable of calculating the nine separate images required to give eight people glasses-less 3D viewing on a single TV screen.

For further details see:



23rd March 2011

ST demonstrate the Nova A9500

2011-03-23 09:17:41 NZDT :: Processor

ST-Ericsson have used the CTIA trade show to demonstrate their new Nova A9500 application processor. This processor was announce in early February, and is available for sampling now.


11th March 2011

TI expands DaVinci range of multimedia CPUs

2011-03-11 18:33:33 NZDT :: Processor

TI has added to its very popular DaVinci range of multimedia CPU/DSP cores. The new additions are TMS320DM8168 and the software compatible TMS320DM8148.


8th March 2011

Fujitsu release new audio CPU

2011-03-08 08:38:45 NZDT :: Processor

Fujitsu announce new audio player CPU, MB9G711. This CPU integrates MP3, WMA, OGG and AAC audio formats.


3rd March 2011

STMicroelectronics extends STM32L family

2011-03-03 07:12:37 NZDT :: Processor

At EmbeddedWorld 2011 STMicroelectronics announced an extension to the STM32L family of devices, increasing the maximum available flash memory to 384Kbytes.


2nd March 2011

Cortex-M0 Gecko announcement

2011-03-02 21:21:03 NZDT :: Processor

At Embedded World 2011, Energy Micro has announced its intention to extend their low-power Gecko range of microprocessors with a new Cortex-M0 range.